Renters Insurance

Living in either a rented house or apartment will require you to obtain renters insurance to protect your property. Renters insurance is vital to have because it covers the costs of any repairs to help with the replacement of belongings within your home, including clothes and furniture. We can help you decide on choosing a reliable renters insurance policy for you here at Nowlin Insurance Group LLC in Texas. Be mindful that renters insurance will help you if your personal property is either damaged or stolen by vandalism, or even a fire or storm.

Renters Insurance Laws

Renters insurance is not required in the state of Texas. However, you may rent from a landlord that requires all tenants to obtain renters insurance. This will protect the landlord from any possible negligence in the state. Having the necessary protection will also make sure that the tenant is covered and protect you if you are responsible for a fire.

Renters Insurance Coverage Options

You can usually choose from three different types of coverage for renters insurance, which include:

  • Personal property - This coverage option will help cover the costs for replacement or repair for any of your personal belongings. It will also give other items such as luggage protection.
  • Loss of use - This policy will take care of additional living expenses in the event you are forced to find a temporary home while your home is undergoing repairs. These expenses usually include food and rent.
  • Personal liability - This policy will keep you covered if a visitor were to get injured on your property. It will also take care of any legal fees on your behalf if you are sued.

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